July 19-23, 2023

Wenatchee Convention Center

Hotel:  Coast Wenatchee Center Hotel

The revised Contract with the Coast Hotel in Wenatchee, signed in 2021, is $139 per room for up to two persons.  There is a $10 charge for each additional adult.  Also, there are fees of 12% for taxes, and $2.00 for city assessment fees.

The contract is for 100 rooms, so some attendees may have to secure accommodations at other hotels in town. 

Convention:  Wenatchee Convention Center » The Convention Center of the Wenatchee Valley

Documents & Forms 
Department Resolutions (Due April 24, 2023)
Department Officer Resolutions (Due April 24, 2023)      
District Officer Resolutions (Due Prior to District Spring Conferences)



The Department of Washington's Convention is the annual meeting of our membership. Constitution and By-law changes may be proposed and voted on as well as resolutions on various topics of concern which were submitted by Posts and Districts. Several awards are given out to service members, teachers, police, firefighter, winners of programs, and Legionnaires for various accomplishments during the past year. The delegates who are present hear the reports of officers and committee chairs from the previous membership year and elect new offarticers for the coming membership year.

The convention is generally held in mid-July. Standing committees that are called-in to convention hold their meetings and the last Department Executive Committee meeting is held.

Who can attend the Department Convention?

The convention is open to all Legionnaires. In order to vote on any of the motions that are presented the Legionnaire must be a delegate from their Post. 

In the Spring of each year the Post Adjutants are sent forms letting them know how many delegates they are authorized and are asked to list those on the form. Legionnaires interested in attending should speak to their Post Adjutant about being a delegate.

What happens at convention?

Convention committees meetings and District caucuses are held. The joint convention officially opens at a determined time and joint awards and presentations are made. The Legion and Auxiliary members then retire to their separate conventions for speeches, reports, and information. After reports are finished the election of officers is held.  At the close of convention the newly elected Commander and Department Executive Committee meets for the first time to conduct any pending business for the new year.

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